I never had a snickerdoodle before. I never even knew what one was until I started food blogging. So somehow I was driven to make these. Then again, I think it because Carlo kept saying he wanted cookies and I just wanted him to shut up! I’m somewhat glad he nudged me into this, because I was really pleased.

I learned that Snickerdoodles were a German sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon-sugar. So now that I found out what it was and what went into it, I was on the hunt for a recipe. I came across a great, flavorful recipe for these cookies at The only thing I did differently was halve the sugar and replace it with Splenda Baking Blend. Everything else was exactly as it was in the recipe.

I have to say that these cookies were really tasty. The cinnamon-sugar and vanilla made for a great combination, yet were subtle with each bite of the cookie. The only thing was that I was left with a lot of cinnamon-sugar after rolling the dough balls in it. So I sprinkled the extra on the baked cookies when they were out of the oven.
If you haven’t tried these before, you must try them now!!

Check out these Snickledoodles at


3 Replies to “Snickerdoodle-Dooooooooooo”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and am glad I did. You’ve been bitten by the snickerdoodle bug too, eh? I recently found a recipe for chocolate snickerdoodles that I HAD to make. They incorporate cocoa powder and cinnamon and are heavenly. Try that when you need a carb fix. Congrats on your low carb diet plans. It’s really not that difficult once you adjust. I am a type 1 diabetic and Italian and have managed to survive w/o all the bread and pasta. ;-)Good Luck!p.s. A link to my blog:

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