Highlights from South Carolina

Carlo and I spent a long weekend in the town state of South Carolina for my mom’s 50th college reunion. Since it had been 50 years since she graduated college from Claflin University in Orangeburg, Mom and her fellow classmates were being honored with golden diplomas at their commencement ceremonies. It was a great experience.

We spent one night in Charlotte, NC. We actually had to fly into Charlotte to save over $200 on airfare each way per person! Since we worked earlier that day, we would have been too tired to go right to Orangeburg (2 hours away).

Then we headed down towards the Low Country. Though we stayed in Orangeburg most of the time, we had some free time to drive down I-26 to Charleston (a little more than an hour away). Since my family is there, we would visited them. However, time was short. So we’ll be making another trip soon to introduce Carlo to the family members who couldn’t make it to our wedding.

I wish we were there for about a week. There’s so much to show Carlo. However, I took him to the historic district and walked along Rainbow Row (East Bay) to see the colorful homes and to smell magnolias. We then drove around a bit…along King St and then to Meeting St, where we had dinner. Carlo wanted some barbecue, but I couldn’t remember the name of the bbq joint my family likes. So we hit up Sticky Fingers (a SouthEast bbq chain, specializing in Memphis BBQ and Carolina Sweet).

Like I said before, we spent most of our time in Orangeburg. I had never been there until this past weekend. It’s a nice small city (approx. 12,000 people). It does seem like they’re moving towards developing it more, but I hope not too much. There’s a charm about the place. If we had more free time, I would have liked to see the Edisto Gardens and their variety of roses. Too bad we had missed the rose festival by one week.

Well, it’s time to end this post. I just want to add that the graduation was great. My mom was so glad to see her classmates, most of whom she hadn’t seen since 1958. This trip was actually her first time back on campus since she left. We were so proud of her and happy that she was able to be a part of the events.

– Carmella


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