Eve’s Cidery Peach Apple Wine

The perfect combination of peaches and apples in a wine.

Since the weather was so beautiful today, Carlo and I spent a day in the East Village (a part of NYC for you out-of-towners). After enjoying a morning hacking around Astor Place and St. Marks, we decided to head up to Union Square to catch a movie at the Regal Cinemas off of E 14th St. to see “Run Fatboy Run” (great movie – a must see!). Since we got the tickets early, we had about an hour to kill, so we headed to Strand NYC (great bookshop) and then to Forbidden Planet (great comic book shop). Seeing that we still had about 20 minutes, we headed over to the Union Square Greenmarket, which we had plan to check out after the movie. It was really bustling today. It was great.

I always have loved the Greenmarket. We usually would pick up some baked goods or some flowers. However, today we stocked up on some parsnips, Cameo apples (will use later tonight), pretzels, sauerkraut and some of the best wine I’ve had to date.

Eve’s Cidery, located upstate in Ithaca, NY, had a booth at the Greenmarket, where they were offering samples of one of their ciders and 2 of their fruit wines. Their Peach Apple Wine caught my eye. I overheard a few people at the booth raving about it. So I asked to try it. It was excellent. I’m not big on fruity/dessert wines, because I often find them too sweet. However, this was amazing. Wanting to get it on the spot, I realized I was low on cash (we did some other shopping before), and we were almost running late for the movie. So Carlo and I decided that we would go back to get it after the movie and going to the ATM, which we did.

The wine is just what it is. It’s not covered in fancy labels and terminology. You taste both the peach and the apple. They make a great combination with the wine and its sweetness isn’t overpowering. Not to mention, at $12.00 a bottle, it’s worth its price. According to the guy at the booth, the Peach Apple Wine works as both a dessert wine and a complement to spicy, flavorful meals, especially bbq.

After coming home, I decided to look into the company’s website, and feel that from the few sips I had, the following description is perfect:

This fruit wine is fun and sophisticated. We literally wait until our peaches are so juicy and ripe that they are about to fall off the tree. We blend them with juice pressed from tart summer apples and bottle the wine before the warm weather is over.

Eve’s Peach is, well, bursting with ripe peaches. This is a sitting on the patio sipping wine in the summer wine. A crowd pleaser at parties, it is sweet enough to serve for dessert, with blackberry peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream, and dry enough to serve for dinner with spicy foods like Thai curry or BBQ ribs.

If you live in the tri-state area, check out their wines at the Union Square Greenmarket on Fridays and Saturdays between April and December. If you can’t make it there, definitely contact them.


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