We Got Some TCHO!

Today, a package arrived for Carmella from BlakeMakes.com (THANKS, BLAKE!). Inside the odd silvery bubble package was 2 pieces of pungent dark chocolate squares also known as TCHO from Silicone Valley, CA. Carm got all giddy and couldn’t stop sniffing the package. So you know, we had to try it!

After a dinner of Carmella’s turkey meatloaf and cheesy mashed potatoes with corn and green peas, we treated ourselves to some TCHO and coffee. Carmella melted a square of chocolate (well Carm put 2 in hers) down into the each cup of yummy “Danish Pastry” flavored coffee that she brewed in our French press.

Though the scent of TCHO was strong (it was coming right through the package), the chocolate wasn’t overbearing. It brought about a nice, sweet addition. Once melted by the hot coffee, the chocolate blended well with the cream and the Splenda to turn a simple drink into a great dessert on its own. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give TCHO a solid 7!

After I iced my tasty drink, I sipped it as I took on the Scrabulous.com Robot and won, while Carm danced around to Daft Punk with our cat Socks. I guess good chocolate makes her a dancing fool.

– Carlo


One Reply to “We Got Some TCHO!”

  1. Aw…I feel like I was right there with you, sipping chocolatey coffee and dancing with the cats. Glad I could share the love. Thanks for reading Blake Makes!

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