Food Blogging: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

So I’ve been hanging on a little spot on the Internet called and checking out a board called “What’s Cooking?” It’s really cool. The nesties (married ladies) post recipes and cooking ideas on the board to share with one another. Many of them also have blogs dedicated to their love of food. Since Carlo and I enjoy cooking and baking, I figured that maybe we could do the same too!

That brings us to joining forces to become the illest superheroes of cookery, The Food Duo! After telling Carlo about the food blogs, he has agreed to keep this blog with me. So we’ll be posting recipes, cooking battle results, restaurant reviews, cool things we’ve found on our many travels and introduce and share new tools we find on our many trips to places like Chef Central in Paramus, NJ.

We hope you enjoy our posts! We look forward to your comments!

Happy Gluttony! HA!

– Carmella


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