Sweet & Creamy Beyond “Chicken” Salad


We love Beyond Meat! When we’re in a pinch, their Chicken-Free Strips are a perfect meat-alternative go-to and time saver. Whether it’s to cook up some fajitas or make Chicken Thai Satay Skewers (click for Beyond Meat’s recipe), you just can’t go wrong. Continue reading “Sweet & Creamy Beyond “Chicken” Salad”


Photo Slideshow: Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2014

We had a great time last Sunday at the Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2014! There was a bit of marching, sampling, listening and having fun. A great day with friends, old and new, that ended up with a yummy meal at nearby Peacefood Cafe Downtown.

Enjoy the view!

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Run Baby Run!

I’ve made a decision to start running! I know! I know! I’m one of those folks who gets into a routine and when something veers me off course I drop it. So I’m not making any promises but I want to try it to challenge myself and get focused.

I’ll tell you it’s been a slow process to even start. About a month ago, I bought new running sneakers. They sat in the box before I put them on Monday.

Then, I kept looking a running sites and blogs, asking myself “How am I going to do this without killing myself?” A bit intimidating, but I got some tips on stretching, finding courses and setting goals. From that, I knew I needed to take my time. So, I figured why not start with C25K. I even downloaded the C25K app from ZenLabs to my iPhone! That was about 2 weeks ago.

C25K is a 9-week program to literally take you from “Couch Potato” to becoming at 5K runner. A few friends have done it…and well! They’re active runners years later! Why couldn’t I just be motivated by that?!?! Well, sometimes, it has to be the RIGHT time. But back to C25K, each week, you’re pushed a little more into running vs. walking, but it’s gradual. For instance, in Week 1, you do a walk/run 3 days a week for 3 minutes which includes:

  • 5 minute brisk warm-up walk
  • 20 minutes switching between:
    60 seconds of jogging
    90 minutes of walking
  • 5 minute cool-down walk

Let me tell you how I got started. After a long, full weekend, I got up and started to get ready for work. Artichoke was about to head out the door at 6:45. When he closed the door behind him, something clicked in my head! “I want to go for a ‘run’ now!” So, I threw on my sweats & fleece cap, grabbed my iPhone, keys and water bottle, and went outside. It probably wasn’t smart to do it when there was an early morning rain-snow mix, but I was determined. App launched, Week 1, Day 1 on and I was off with my 5-minute warm-up to the park!

Oddly enough, my first session wasn’t so bad. I didn’t pause. Once or twice I ended the “jog” sections a couple of seconds early, but I kept moving! I felt good! 2 days later, I was back at it, which was a little bit tougher, but good. Crazy thing is later on Wednesday, I had the urge to go for an afternoon walk for about 30-minutes. Then today, I think I rocked Week 1! No stopping. No ending “jog” sessions before the 60 seconds and I was really pleased…a little sore…but happy with myself!

Really getting into this, I even started mapping my runs on MapMyRun.com (I need to download the app). To see how I far I’ve gone with each run (2.53mi) made me even more excited! Wow, think about it, a 5K is 3.1 miles. I’m already at over 2.5 miles! WOOT WOOT!

Like I said, no promises in sticking to this. I’m just happy to get myself active.

10 Questions with Gene Baur [TIME Magazine]

Gene Baur Interview in TIME
Source: TIME Magazine

While some may say Farm Sanctuary Co-Founder Gene Baur doesn’t do enough for Farm Sanctuary, many, like myself, think he’s someone who’s helping put our cause on the map and in the public’s minds as to we as humans choose to eat. Though some things he says may not be in total alignment with animal rights or welfare, you cannot deny that through his organization he’s working to save the lives of so many others, while educating the humans about compassion, love and health. Granted, it may seem like there’s a bit of compromise happening in working with meat/dairy producers. You cannot deny that he’s always bringing a message to end suffering first. I think that’s why Gene’s interview for TIME Magazine’s “10 Questions” segment is great and so important. It’s so worth sharing and spreading. So, please feel free to do the same!

Check out the video interview here: 10 Questions with Gene Baur